Department of Art #1

Do you know the world you live in? Hmm? Are you sure?

Are you sure sure? How about, you’d like to know the world you live in but the truth scares you. Yes, you’re scared, I can sense you’re trembling. You almost spilled your coffee. Actually you did, all over your self and now you’re burned heavily and should go to hospital but you’re all alone in the house and have no friends to call for help so you just sit there, burned and sad.

Read this comic and be afraid with me. We can share the same emotions.


the old wooden floor, radiator steam, heavy man breathing heavily into your ear, dying chicken, low key on a synthesizer, millions of blank cd-s played at the same time, bright light.

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(28 interior pgs, 7.5" x 10.25", color cover with black and white interior, Sparkplug Books)

Habitat #2

Dunja Jankovic


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