Edison Steelhead’s Lost Portfolio

A collection of illustrations of bunnies and girls, done by French's character Edison Steelhead. This book catalogs the moment each picture was drawn as well as mapping the places they were drawn. Both beautiful and disturbing, this book is wonderfully engrossing.

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"French is certainly one of the more acclaimed comics artists of the past decade-plus; it’s fairly rare that a review of whichever anthology she’s currently contributing to doesn’t single her out as one of the highlights of the enterprise (several sample shorts can be accessed here), and her pamphlet-format books have garnered a strong following." Jog the Blog

"If you’re in the mood to stare at individual pages for long periods of time, allowing them to soak into your consciousness the way that a particularly sensitive three-year-old might stare at the pages of an old picture-book until every line, every shading, every subtle gesture of the artist and facial expression of the rendered characters has been memorized and internalized — then you will enjoy The Ticking a great deal. If you are willing to read it the way that an infant “reads” the world, unable to be surprised because everything, ultimately, is a surprise, unafraid of every strange turn and dangerous fall, then you will enjoy the book. If, on the other hand, you’re just looking for the quick kind of entertainment that you usually get in a graphic novel (even a literary graphic novel), well, then, you probably won’t." Graphic Novel Review

(88 interior pgs, 4.5" x 5.5", color cover with one color interior, Sparkplug Books)

Renee French


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