Reich #9

Reich is a biographical account of psychoanalyst and sex researcher Dr. Wilhelm Reich, a protégé of Freud. He courted scandal throughout Europe where he became known mostly for his controversial and radical ideas. Reich claimed to discover a palpable sexual energy, which he called “Orgone.”

In the ninth chapter of this fascinating semi-true biography, Reich's lab and equipment face the scrutiny of the feds, aiming to shut down what they consider perversion.

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"Here’s hoping you’re all reading along and giving this guy as much money as possible; he’s one of the many artists out there who should have complete freedom to do whatever the hell he feels like." Optical Sloth

"Cartoonist and illustrator Elijah Brubaker has really started to get critics' attention with his current comic book project Reich, from Sparkplug Comics: a fictionalized account of the notorious life of psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, who was persecuted throughout his professional life for his theories on human sexuality. Through a long-time fascination and exhaustive research, Brubaker has crafted an absorbing portrait of a tortured and ambitious man, and he hasn't even gotten to the part about aliens yet!" David Paggi, Wizard Universe

(24 interior pgs, 6" x 9", color cover with black and white interiors, Sparkplug Books)

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