Lemon Styles

Do you like stories about feeling good? Stories about feeling lousy? How about drawings of train cars and fishing boats? These subjects and more are included in Lemon Styles by David King. There is backstabbing, infidelity, murder, fear, menacing insinuation, and other stuff that will make you laugh laugh laugh. Lots of people have said they like these comics!

Lemon Styles‘ collection of single page comic strips and one multi-page romantic odyssey aggregate to create 40 large pages of violence and illustrated pleasures that are lots more cranky and cynical than King’s previous (Ignatz Award nominated) collection, Danny Dutch (still for sale from SPARKPLUG COMIC BOOKS), and funnier, too. An improvement in every way over anything David King has ever done — so how can you lose??

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"Like the greatest of the beloved Charles Schulz strips, they push the act of deciphering meaning and message back onto the reader in order to extrapolate for themselves." Poopsheet

(40 interior pgs, 10" x 10", color cover with black and white interiors, Sparkplug Books)

Crime World
Crime World #2
Crime World #3
Danny Dutch
Danny Dutch Gocco Luggage Tag
Lemon Styles
The Shortest Interval

David King


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